The Soundchaser

Peavy Soundchaser

In this section I want to give you some background information on the RAGE-mascot, the Soundchaser.

Ever since our 1988 album „Perfect Man“ it appears frequently on our album artworks. Even if it changes its appearance now and then, the basic look and character is always visible. So, one can say that it has been a true companion throughout the band’s ongoing career.

Creators and eponyms were an artist couple from Vienna, Joachim and Ulla Luetke, who had developed it already in the early 80’s.

Joachim is a fantastic sculptor! Most metal fans should be familiar with his complex works from countless well-known album covers, videoclips or festival logos (apart from Rage he worked for example for Dimmu Borgir, Marilyn Manson, Kreator, Annihilator or the Metalcamp), produced a giant sculpture, called „Sternengezücht“ (lit. translation: Star brood), in which one can already see the biomechanoid elements of the Soundchaser, in the shape of a three-headed creature, including already the striking metal jaws.

Some years later his wife Ulla produced the image which then became the famous cover of the Perfect Man album.

And she was the one to give it the title „Soundchaser“. When all this happened we had not met each other in person, despite the fact that we had a common friend, Destruction’s Schmier, who, by coincidence came from the very same village in the Black Forrest as Joachim.

It’s a small world…