For many years, I was not aware how much of a difference good gear can make.

On the contrary, back in the day we took what we could get (if we could afford it anyways) and we never had the luxury to choose between brands and focus on improving our sound. Over the years, as Rage grew and became well known I got the chance to try out different gear. Have a look:

Peavy Endorsement all

-> I cannot remember when I first met Mr Nori Ishii in Japan, but it must have been some 30 years ago. He and his entire team never stopped to be the most reliable and trustful partners a musician can think of and their gear speaks a language everybody understands. I am very happy to be part of their family.
-> a brand with a broad spectrum of products that does not need further introduction. High-quality wireless and in-ear monitoring gear that my entire band and I rely on for ages.
-> very well known for their extraordinary strings, used across various genres and in classical music in particular, these people are real craftsmen and give proof of that on a daily basis.
-> I have been using Loxx for about a year now. I can say for sure that this is the safest and most sturdy kind of security lock I have ever used on my straps and instruments…and it looks so badass!
Check them all out and discover their stuff.
-> these people are experts in their field, combining the two main aspects regarding in-ear headphones: great sound and the highest ear-protection standards - no show without their products.
-> for many years I have been a big fan of their sound. They are well know for their guitar amps and cabs, and I can assure you, for bass guitars, their products are on par.